Saves you money and hassle

Minimize O&M expenses

Eliminate the hassle of finding and transporting diesel

No required grid connection

Reduce noise

Get excellent return on investment

Environment-friendly solution

An alternative for conventionally powered pumps running on diesel generators is solar pumping. In this system, photovoltaic panels are used to power the motor and pump by converting the energy in the sunlight to electricity. Excess power could be used to store water in a tank. The variable speed drive is responsible for regulating the various power inputs (due to changing available PV energy) to be able to run the motor and pump effectively to reach maximum output. Depending on the water requirements, a hybrid solution is available. In this system, the diesel generator is needed to extend pump operation hours beyond the operating hours of the PV system. Solar pumping can be a superior choice economically for the agricultural sector, irrigation of remote farms, water purification sites and fish farms among other applications.