Helping you go solar

Operation & Maintenance

We offer predictive, preventive, corrective O&M service that helps prolonging solutions’ lifetime, ensuring maximum productivity and optimum return on investment. Asset management, production / performance reporting through monitoring and management platform are tools to achieve O&M’s KPIs


We offer detailed financial and engineering consulting services covering the whole life cycle of the project from opportunity assessment till the final installation and commissioning.


We offer customized trainings, client O&M trainings, seminars, on-job trainings to empower the renewable energy community. Covered topics vary from technical and financial assessments to technology selection, design and implementation standards and guidelines targeting different involved audiences.


Depending on your desired debt equity ratio and financial objectives, and available credit score, we help in offering flexible financing schemes with no hidden fees to reduce your energy bill and start saving right away minimizing processing time. As electricity prices rise your savings continues to grow.